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Let Users Pave
the Path

Create successful user-centered products
with Avantica's UX Process

In this eBook, our Avantica UX team explores the importance of a user-centered design and development method, providing basic principles and delineating key phases. The overwhelming variety of today’s tech market leaves no room for error: good UX is paramount when it comes to creating a brand that stands out in the crowd. Making the shift towards a user-centered perspective is now essential and with this in mind, Avantica is providing guidelines to help organizations get started.

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You Will Discover:

  • The significance of a user-centered focus
  • The phases of a UX design and development process:
    • 1. Discovery & exploration
    • 2. Creating
    • 3. Testing
    • 4. Launch
  • Essential elements
  • The value user-centered products bring to a business

Your Users Lead the Way

“Before going into creating a product and focusing on what you will be designing and developing, you first need to consider why you are creating it and for whom.”