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At Avantica, we make mobile enterprise transformation a reality by building you
quality mobile applications that bring value to your company.

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We specialize in creating enterprise apps that provide valuable service for your company and ultimately boost your ROI.

Our engineers work with you to find the best solutions for your app needs, from strategy to delivery and beyond, making sure that your app takes the most advantage of new and evolving technologies so that it can continue to provide quality and serve its purpose to the highest degree.


Facilitates organization’s digital transformation with a team of experts that covers mobility, usability, integration, and security.

Reduces the impact of user acceptance by developing apps that work well, look great and are easy to use.

Reduces cost of development by applying best practices to coding and quality, minimizing tech debts and re-coding.

Improves your app’s time-to-market, visibility, and growth, following an agile approach.

Reduces the impact of known technology changes (i.e. new OS versions) with proactive and timely risks assessments.


Startups that have a budget, but no mobile software development department.

Companies that already know what enterprise apps they need, but aren’t dedicated to software and are looking for expertise.

Companies that already have a software development team and need to augment their team with specific abilities or mobile services.

Tech companies that are looking for staffing flexibility so they can serve more customers.


At Avantica, we are constantly monitoring and experimenting with new technologies and trends. This lets us provide our partners with improvements and new opportunities for their organization and business.

We have vast experience integrating with different kind of services from the cloud to backend to security frameworks like PCI Compliance.

We provide teams with experience working efficiently with different kinds of teams and different locations (on site, full virtual, mixed teams and third party teams).


From exploration to implementation, we constantly seek to push the bounds of technology.

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