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Cloud Services

If you are looking to reduce operation costs, increase reliability and
flexibility, while multiplying your ROI, then cloud migration may be in
your future.

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Avantica provides a clear migration process tailored to every business, whether you need to migrate to the cloud, migrate between clouds, or finding solutions for problems you are facing with your current cloud services.


Cost Reduction

By migrating to the cloud, you will lower your costs of infrastructure maintenance. We find there is an average of 81.7% less downtime on applications.


The ability to get the right resources when you need them can shorten IT projects, allowing you to grow infrastructure and focus on business. We have found clients to have an average of 68.1% more efficient IT operations.

Fewer Issues and Defects

Standardized services allows you to focus less on operational processes and more on what matters the most for your business, and cuts down on costly errors.

Increased ROI

Avantica has found these following statistics to be true: 560% Five-Year ROI, $76,800 in additional revenue per year, per application 64.3% Total Cost of Ownership.


Our main goal is always finding the best solution for the client. We aren’t just selling you a service because we can, we are looking for the best option that will bring the most value to your company.

At Avantica, we are all about building partnerships. We aim to develop the kind of trust and rapport that will allow you to feel comfortable putting your solutions in our hands.

This trust doesn’t come just because we talk about it, it comes because we earn it. We have over 20 years of experience working in the IT and development world and that gives us the kind of deep and rounded perspective that, combined with our many experts in different fields, lets us build comprehensive solutions for our partners.

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