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Project Name. Polen
Service. DevOps & Cloud
Client. Polen's BuyBid Auto Exchange Inc.


As a brick and mortar auto auction company, the client had a real challenge with their vision of transporting the auction industry to the Internet. They needed to bring their business together with technology in a way that wasn’t so disruptive that it turned off those unaccustomed to tech, but was easy to use so that people would be convinced to do business on the new platform. The client had years of experience running a brick and mortar auto auction but needed an Internet auto auction built from scratch.


Avantica worked with the client’s business team using their Auction experience facilitating quick feedback and implementation. Avantica provided seasoned engineers with strong business strategy to help the business to addapt, plan, deploy, and analyze changes rapidly, so that auction customers engaged and excepted the Internet concept and the company continued to grow.

In addition to building the application, Avantica migrated the entire platform to the cloud, using AWS, with the goal of improving resilience, elasticity, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, and performance of the platform. Avantica’s engineers managed the entire optimization, migration, and implementation of this transition, resulting in cost savings for the client, without service disruption.


  • Created an auto auction application that worked in real-time and allowed dealers to participate remotely.
  • Created a revolutionary product from scratch, based on client’s vision.
  • Expanded client’s reach to dealers across the United States.
  • Reduced operational costs and efficiency for dealers using the platform.
  • Migrated the entire platform to the cloud efficiently and successfully.