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Helping the early
stages of a giant

Leading SaaS CRM Company

Leading SaaS CRM Company


Leading SaaS CRM Company


The client initially needed a QA team to supplement their small internal QA team to execute necessary tests and obtain immediate results before the release of new app updates. Later, the client needed to add software developers to their team so they could work on providing support for the creation of tools for internal use and the help portal.


Avantica provided an experienced testing team who performed manual and functional testing, allowing the client to focus on improving business. Avantica met and exceeded client expectations by providing quality, on-time work, despite strict deadlines. With the flexibility to quickly add Avantica QA engineers to the project, the client met their aggressive timing goals.


Aided the client in creating a remarkable improvement to the final app product.

Achieved the best quality possible, functionally and visually, with the final product.

Provided a tool for the management of test cases that is still used today.

Contributed to the early startup growth of a company that would become one of the most innovative, rapidly growing companies in America.