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Project Name. Agilysys

Service. DevOps & Dev

Client. Agilysys


Already a leading enterprise software provider in the hospitality industry, Agilysys was looking to beat their competitors and be first-to-market with SaaS enterprise tools. Their goal was to increase velocity, without sacrificing quality.

Agilysys needed to find the right partner. Their experience with other partners was costing Agilysys precious time and money, and never lasted long. They needed to feel confident with their partner and their ability to build core functionality on client-facing products.


Agilysys needed a dependable software partner to augment their in-house development staff. They received the benefits that come from nearshoring- cost savings and flexible staffing, but it went beyond that. Avantica provided complete teams that could work independently, allowing them to bid on more projects, relying on a partner that could handle any project that came their way.

Agilysys started with a pilot project, augmenting their existing in-house core platform team. As a Nearshore software provider, Avantica had the advantage of easily flying their team members to Agilysys’ offices to work with their actual team. Soon after, Avantica expanded their role into that of a key partner.


  • Created groups of more than 40 engineers to work in development and quality assurance as an integral part of the team.
  • Deployed all necessary application QA tests, allowing early error detection and correction.
  • Delivered new software releases quicker.
  • Completed the integration of a series of tools to boost revenue.

“I was very grateful that Avantica was there to step in and say ‘we got this.’ They’ve handled those emergency cases where the market is just too competitive. We’re in Seattle and we can’t find the people. They’re good for filling in those gaps, so in the few cases where we’ve had whole teams disappear within a week, they’ve been there for that.”