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Why should you invest in an accessibility audit?

Monday 06 of May, 2019.
Reading Time: 3 minutes.
By Juan Carlos Porras Quirós

Web accessibility means just that: how accessible your product or website is for everyone, including (and paying particular attention to) people with disabilities. While this might seem like no big deal, accessibility encompasses multiple types of disabilities, such as visual, hearing, physical or cognitive. There are many reasons why it is important to make certain of your products are accessible, which we have covered before.

In our attempt to provide a better service and help your company, we’re assuming the responsibility of testing the accessibility of your website ourselves. We are aware that you may not have the time, people, or resources to develop a process yourself in order to test your product’s accessibility. Therefore, we are ready to provide you with an accessibility audit- one that will give you complete understanding of the current accessibility of your product or website. This will allow you to continue with your development while giving you valuable information and data that can help your product and increase your revenue.

So, why should you hire us for an accessibility audit?

It allows you to better tend your customers

If your product is not accessible to people with a certain type of disability, they won’t use your product. Best case scenario, they walk away from your product with nothing more than a shrug and find an alternative (often, from your competition) that suits their needs and complies with their disability. 

In the worst case scenario, though, they might take action against you. This could take the form of bad feedback reviews, social network scandals, or even legal actions. In such a scenario, it’d be in your best interest to, at the very least, be aware of what accessibility issues your product has. This would allow you to handle these accusations properly, either by fixing them at your own pace or by letting you create a contingency plan in case anything arises. With an accessibility audit, you’ll know beforehand which of your product’s details have the potential of giving you a headache down the road. 

You can save money by being proactive

Let’s imagine for a moment that you and your company are facing a class action lawsuit due to a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (which is a very real possibility and has been coming up more and more during the last couple of years). One of the first actions you’d take would probably be securing a litigation support service, either via your own legal team or an external business enterprise. Bills begin to appear. Litigation, depositions, settlements, legal fees, assessments, etc. Regardless of its nature, any legal process can turn really gruesome very fast.

By obtaining an accessibility audit, you’re taking a proactive approach that will help you mitigate damages, avoid conflicts, and prevent any large-scale risk that could cost you thousands of dollars.

We make the best of your resources

We understand you- we really do. You have a set of fixed priorities, you have a team that works on your product, and your resources are finite. In order to achieve success, you need to make the most of them. We have a team of QA engineers ready to start reviewing your website or product, even if you have little to no requirements, so you won’t have to provide much (or anything, even) at a technical level. We won’t waste your time. Once we’re done with the audit, you’ll be provided with clear, concise, and specific results. These will facilitate your understanding and allow you to make decisions immediately.

If you choose to task one (or more) of your engineers with fixing some of the accessibility issues we find, our results are already sorted with priority and severity in mind. This way, you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed first. We understand that assigning one of your engineers to work on accessibility might be expensive from a resource perspective, so we want to help you make the best of it.

You get a taste of our way of working

When choosing a company to partner with for a particular service, such as software development, QA, DevOps, or the like, you need to spend time going through your options. You need to go to sales meetings, listen to pitches, and get a decent understanding of what everyone has to offer. Once you’ve chosen a company, you might face the case that the reality of the project was different than what was promised to you, your partner company’s methodology was not what you expected, or conflicts were not solved appropriately.

By partnering with us for an accessibility audit, you get to taste first-hand how we do things, the quality of our work, and the different skills our team possesses. Hiring us for an accessibility audit is much easier and takes less time than hiring a company for a more complicated service. This way you can get results within a short window of time and have a high return-on-investment ratio. 

As with all kinds of testing, accessibility testing comes with a cost. However, it is a cost that is worth it due to the direct and indirect benefits it entails for your products and brands. We’re ready to work with you. We have a complete methodology already developed and all the tools we need to provide you with quality work that aligns with your best interests. It’s a small cost that can give you significant revenue. Hopefully, you’ll see that we’re a quality company that can help you grow and meet your goals.

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