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The Current Demand for Mobile Applications

Tuesday 20 of October, 2020.
Reading Time: 3 minutes.
By Christian Castro Cascante

Currently, the number of mobile users surpasses 3 billion and it has been predicted that this number will only grow in the coming years. According to Flurry Analytics, a person spends an average of 5 hours a day on their mobile device and more than half this time on one or several mobile applications. 


Source: Flurry Analytics - U.S Time Spent By App Category

Due to this, organizations and brands have been forced to change their business strategy and adopt technology to ensure their presence on the internet - be it through a website and/or a mobile application - and expand their reach as well as their engagement. 

If companies provide an efficient mobile app, they can reduce operational costs, increase revenue, and improve their brand positioning. With these obvious benefits in mind, businesses must make certain their app meets all their user’s expectations within the app category (for example, games, social media, music, business, etc.). However, if user expectations are not met, all potential gains may turn against them.

Source: Flurry Analytics – U.S Mobile App Consumption

This means companies and brands are under great pressure when it comes to developing their applications. They must make certain the software functions properly on multiple devices, platforms, and browsers; if there is a lack of portability and efficiency in the app’s basic functions, then the user will lose confidence in the software and the app. If an app has functional, performance, or usability issues, it is estimated that a user will discard it in approximately 10 seconds regardless of the potential benefits of the app. Because of the great variety of applications available in the market, users can easily change apps and turn to the competition. 

Taking all of the above into consideration, we can conclude that mobile devices and the apps developed for them are here to stay: their use will only increase exponentially with time. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations and brands to develop quality products to retain the greatest number of users. 


Alianzared (2020) 


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  1. Due to the pervasive use of mobile devices, organizations have been forced to adopt technology and change their business strategies to ensure their presence online.
  2. By providing an efficient app, companies can reduce operational costs, increase revenue, and improve their brand positioning.
  3. If an app has functional, performance, or usability issues, it is estimated that a user will decide to discard it (or not) in approximately 10 seconds regardless of how promising it may appear.


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