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The Call of Mobile - Why Mobile Is so Important

Monday 06 of May, 2019.
Reading Time: 3 minutes.
By Adriana Ramírez

There can be no question that Mobile technology is at the forefront of digital evolution. For the past decade, the world has seen countless changes in the Mobile domain- improvements that keep coming at a rapid pace, one after another. Features that at one time seemed far fetched are now readily accessible in the devices we hold in our hands.

When it began, Mobile broke with everything that had been done up until then. It was a disruptive element in digital development- one that quickly became its focus and driving force. Mobile replaced web as the central pillar of technological advancement. Everything that had been designed and developed for web up until that moment had to be rethought, redesigned, and redone. It was a shift that took the entire world by storm...and has continued to do so. Mobile offered a completely different perspective of what technology could do and opened up an entire new world of possibilities.

Pervasive Revolution

The force with which Mobile has taken over has greatly changed the way people relate to technology. In what seemed like a very short span of time, “technology” and “innovation” became accessible to everyone and could be put to use in day-to-day activities. Technology crossed the threshold of daily use and entered people’s lives in an irreversible way. By facilitating all kinds of processes, from taking pictures, to making payments, to GPS location services, it changed the manner in which everyone, from individuals to businesses, went about their daily routine. This exciting and challenging part is how our daily routines continue to be affected and guided by mobile disruption, on a weekly, or even daily, basis.

Mobile has allowed for the integration of services at all levels. Its ubiquitousness is its crucial feature: it can be taken anywhere, it can be accessed wherever you go, and whatever data you are working with can be shared or synced with other devices. From the grocery list, to virtual meetings, to this year’s projected growth reports, nothing is too small or too big that it can’t be accessed on a mobile device. It is always within your grasp - literally.

Consequently, what Mobile has done throughout the world is make life easier. Processes that once took a considerable investment of time and resources can now be performed directly from the screen of a smartphone. This added value is what has fueled the boom of Mobile technology. By facilitating and simplifying, it has brought about a permanent change at all levels and in all spheres. There’s no going back, now that we have these mobile capabilities. There’s only moving forward and continuing to adapt and evolve.

Evolving in Tandem

Although Mobile has evolved at an accelerated pace, it has not done so alone. It is interlaced with many other disciplines and, as such, it supports, encourages, and complements them. Because it feeds off other fields - artificial intelligence, for instance - and enhances them in return, Mobile’s progress has played a key role in the way technology has evolved. 

Mobile hardware development is a great example. Software that, in past decades would have required a supercomputer, can now be run on a hand held device. Bigger and better screens, enhanced cameras, increased computational capability, larger memory, greater storage capacity, improved battery life - the evolution of smartphone hardware has given developers much more to work with. As a result, apps have become much more complex and can now offer a lot more than they did a few years back. Of course, hardware has improved because smartphone manufacturers have realized that, in order to keep up with software developers, they have to offer a product that can meet the needs of what the latter come up with. Thus, the feedback cycle carries on.

Finding Terra Firma in Mobile Development

With every passing day, the prospects of what Mobile technology can do grow. New trends are constantly being developed and improved. These, in turn, open up new doors that lead to more discoveries. Many fields of study are now being integrated into Mobile. This merging of disciplines has opened up gateways into new spectrums of possibility. 

Nowadays, everyone has heard of emerging trends or hints of inconceivable technological achievements. This is all well and good, nonetheless, the average person has only a vague notion of what is actually possible to develop or not. Many people have an inkling of the kinds of advancements the integration of other disciplines into Mobile has brought, but it is still a very abstract idea. In order to be able to work with Mobile technology and development, it is important to understand the foundations of what you are working with. It is also essential to know what the current panorama looks like. 

Before embarking on a project, it is crucial to have a solid grasp on what is actually possible to achieve and what is not.

How Avantica can help

Because of the constantly changing scene of Mobile technology, it is important to start off any endeavor on solid ground. Choosing the right developer to bring your ideas to fruition is crucial. In this Avantica excels: we have the experience and know-how to evaluate projects objectively. When working together as a team, we always let our clients know the true scope of what they will be able to achieve given their resources and available technology. As such, what we promise, we deliver. 

About Avantica

If you are looking for a software partner who will work towards your own business goals and success, then Avantica is your solution. We offer dedicated teams, team augmentation, and individual projects to our clients, and are constantly looking for the best methodologies in order to give you the best results.

Get in touch with us today and allow us to help you turn your ideas into tangible results.

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