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LATAM Is Cornering the North American Market as its preferred software provider

Monday 11 of May, 2020.
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By Avantica


Nearshore models become the most cost-efficient choices, excelling over software companies located in Europe and Asia.

Connecting people all around the world is now easier than ever, but distance can still be hard to surmount for companies working with people in different time zones or with contrasting work cultures.

20 years ago, as digitalization boomed,  North American corporations became aware of the necessity of outsourcing software developments due to high costs, reduced physical space, and a low talent supply.

In the early 2000s, the natural choice was India: the country that showed the highest capacity to take on large projects and develop them remotely. There were also other providers in Eastern Europe and China, but these countries ultimately didn’t succeed in the Offshore software industry.

Around the same time, Latin America began breaking paradigms and demonstrated the competitive advantages of nearshoring software developments. More than 26 years ago, Avantica arose in the market as a Nearshore pioneer for both Canada and US companies. 

“If we look back to the moment when companies from the United States started experimenting with Latin American providers, we could say that the die was cast. Our proposal was as close as possible to the original inhouse developments, but done remotely,” said Mario Chaves, CEO and Co-Founder of Avantica.

Nearshoring’s popularity has grown and it is now seen as an efficient and inexpensive way to attain high-quality development work. Latin America fulfills all the requirements:

  • Same time zone: Forget about midnight calls! This is one of the greatest benefits for North American companies that necessitate customized and agile software developments, which require a high level of interaction between programmers and clients.
  • Geographic proximity: When traveling for face-to-face meetings costs and commuting times are lower while moving within the same continent. Another added benefit is no jet lag. 
  • Shared culture: Latin America offers proficient English and a work-culture affinity with the US and Canada, making for easy communication.
  • A great source of developers: Nearshore technology companies became a seedbed of human talent, capable of undertaking complex projects. Avantica’s development hubs are located in Costa Rica, Colombia, Perú, and Bolivia, with sales offices in the US.

The improvement in customer experience that Latin American developers have demonstrated in superseding Offshore alternatives in Asia and Europe has been well documented. The comfort of having a close link with talent in Central and South America has definitely redirected the software market.

“Avantica’s watchword is to provide agile developments, with the distinctive factor of becoming a virtual extension of our clients’ teams, willing to work together at any time. Since we have merged a pool of talent from Latin America as a distributed workforce, our customers have discovered the great advantages of Nearshore software alternatives,” highlighted Chaves.

About Avantica

If you are looking for a software partner who will work towards your business goals and success, then Avantica is your solution. We offer dedicated teams, team augmentation, and individual projects to our clients. We are constantly looking for the best methodologies in order to give you the best results.


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