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How Did Avantica Manage to Grow During Pandemic Times?

Tuesday 08 of December, 2020.
Reading Time: 3 minutes.
By Avantica

We are proud to announce that today, for the first time in Avantica’s history, we have hit the 1K team member mark. At the same time, we continue in our endeavor to add new talent as there are still over 200 job positions to fill in Latin America.

Despite the effects of the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our company increased its human resources by 25% during the last five months. The recently inaugurated Colombia office saw the biggest increase and tripled its staff. But we also saw significant increases in the partners’ population, distributed mainly in Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

What were the keys to success that allowed us to grow in the midst of complex times?


  1. Investing in human talent: Despite the challenges we have faced this year, we decided not to lay-off employees or cut-back working hours. Instead, we chose to train our engineers and capitalize on that knowledge to provide more and better services to new and potential clients.
    Staff training was also key to overcoming the effects of the economic recession in 2008, when client turmoil caused half of Avantica's staff to run out of projects. However, policies to retain talent and train them in new technologies enabled our company to attract new clients with challenging projects that strengthened our position in the Latin American market.
    In 2020, while many industries and companies have seen their workforce reduced significantly, Avantica opened new job positions. This has allowed us to increase employee engagement and satisfaction since our collaborators feel safe and comfortable working in such a stable company.
    To foster a positive environment and wellness, Avantica is promoting virtual sports, educational and leisure activities to help provide the best possible emotional health for our team members. We continuously follow-up with all our employees to offer support and ensure their well-being during this critical period.
    We’re playing the long game and not just thinking about the medium or short term.
  2. Low impact due to social distancing restrictions: While remote work has been one of the major changes for many industries around the world, more than 85% of Avantica’s team members were already working remotely before the COVID-19 pandemic. It took just three days to broaden our technological infrastructure and to adapt to a full home-based work model for our entire personnel in Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia. 
    Since working in a distributed and remote manner has always been in our DNA, our high levels of productivity were not affected during the quarantine. This has allowed us to remain leaders in the Nearshore software market.
    Digital transformation is becoming all the more vital for businesses to survive amidst this paradigm. Companies that were not prepared to cope with this new reality are suffering or even closing their operations.
  3. Cost containment initiatives: During the pandemic, we were able to reduce some expenditures, such as facility rentals, travel budgets, operational costs related to personnel, office supplies, water, and electricity. We also maintain careful control over our existing expenses.
  4. Retargeted sales and marketing strategies: Clients in some industries such as entertainment have experienced financial hardships due to the pandemic. This has impacted Avantica, however, we managed to find equilibrium by conducting a proactive client search across other industries that are pivoting and able to thrive in our current economy.
    New business opportunities are no longer sealed over an in-person handshake, and now more than ever, targeted marketing and communication campaigns are crucial for lead generation, especially among fast-growing industries.
  5. Improved access to the global market: In 2019, Avantica merged with the global firm Indecomm Digital (now called Encora), which allowed our company to expand its horizons.
    "Before, we were part of a regional game, as leaders of the software market in Latin America. However, thanks to Encora, we put all the pieces together and now we have the opportunity to develop operations in other latitudes. During  2020, for the first time in our history, we achieved joint projects with Singapore and India that allow us to become part of a global network of knowledge and expertise," says our COO and co-founder, Luis Carlos Chaves.


Today, we feel great pride in celebrating our 1K staff member milestone. We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all those clients who trust our expertise to help them reach their full potential through digital transformation. 

Also, we would like to share our joy with all our team members and partners in Latin America and the Caribbean. Their commitment and passion are our main driving force, allowing us to succeed in this exciting journey and to continue growing!

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