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Business Recovery from COVID-19 Pandemic: How Nearshore Services Became Essential

Thursday 25 of March, 2021.
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By Avantica

The COVID-19 outbreak created an unprecedented effect on the global economy. But companies that bet on digital transformation in the past are now taking advantage of the momentum.

On the other hand, many businesses are trying to rapidly evolve to more agile models, including e-commerce, full remote work, and Cloud hosting. There’s no other way: companies have to adapt or disappear.

Amidst this new outlook, Nearshore services are essential for the economic recovery of both types of companies mentioned above. Since Latin America has positioned itself as a high-potential talent pool, it has attracted many industries from the United States and Canada.

 “This global event forced companies to accept the fact that distributed and remote technical work teams are the future. Previously, there was a strong inclination towards having the whole team together in one place, but now it has changed from a preference to a necessity,” says Mario Chaves, CEO of Avantica Technologies.


Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Lower costs represent one of the main advantages of affiliating with a Nearshore partner. Latin America’s operations are considerably cheaper than having entire US-based development teams.

“This new panorama opens the doors to the whole world. Before, many companies in the United States—where the cost of technical resources is high—opted to have local teams and only draw outsourcing as a complement, as an escape valve,” Chaves added.

Besides, there are other key differentiators from Offshore models, such as sharing the same time zone, fluent English speaking Latin American engineers, and, of course, their well-known excellent customer service culture.


New Digital Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped a whole new reality for the labor market. Since many companies had to implement remote work models to prevent contagion, it no longer makes sense to have physical servers that require on-site maintenance by IT personnel. 

According to Chaves, this has accelerated the shift to the Cloud. “The pandemic has created a sense of urgency; it’s a matter of survival. Clients who already know they have to migrate to the Cloud no longer have any choice,” he said.

Various industries in North America are also looking for Nearshore services to adapt their job systems and software towards ensuring business continuity. Many of them did not have previous expertise in migrating and implementing new digital tools, so Latin American providers now have a remarkable and unusual chance to come in as digital transformation experts.

Another of the major needs for businesses to survive is to integrate e-commerce into their strategies. Social distancing completely changed the way people access products and services, favoring digital trade and shipping platforms.

“Either I go online, or I don't sell anything. Those companies that did not move fast saw their revenues drop to zero. Digital sales, which used to be the minority business, are now the core of income, even for restaurants,” explained Chaves.

As many needs had not come to the fore before the pandemic, the new COVID-19 reality has brought priceless opportunities to enhance business productivity. If your company is on the way to digital transformation, you should give Nearshore providers a chance to show what they can do for you. 




  1. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to accept that distributed and remote technical work teams are the future.
  2. Latin America has positioned itself as a high-potential Nearshore talent pool and has attracted many industries from the United States and Canada.
  3. Latin American providers help North American companies adapt their job systems and software towards ensuring business continuity.


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