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Malware on the move

Wednesday 25 of June, 2014.
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By Avantica

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Avantica Testing Services can prevent this type of threats in software systems and businesses, our  Security Testing service verifies that the application, and the infrastructure that supports it, do not have weaknesses that could be exploited by an unauthorized third-party.

Security testings focus strategically on one or more of the following information aspects:

  • Information Confidentiality: to prevent unauthorized users or systems from accessing the information.
  • Information Integrity: to insure accuracy of the information, as well as the related processing methods.
  • Information Availability: to guarantee that the information is available on-demand for the users and authorized systems.

Utilizing Avantica’s decades of experience combined with ongoing, daily research, the company systematically updates its knowledge base with the latest hacking techniques.

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