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Your go-to tool for agile, flexible,
and user-friendly test automation

We’re well aware of the frustrations that come with inadequate testing in your quality assurance process: delays in delivery dates because of an inability to test simultaneous launches, regression testing taking up the bulk of the QA’s team activities, the need to hire more staff in order to perform testing - the list could go on.

What can you do to improve and avoid these scenarios altogether?

AvanTest, Avantica’s very own test automation framework, is the answer.

It is a crucial asset in reducing time-to-market and testing costs in general. Created with an engineering talent that spans over 25 years in the industry, AvanTest is a malleable tool that adapts to every test case to guarantee optimal results. It is the outcome of expertise and knowledge, designed to provide the security you’re looking for so you can take your automation testing and products to the next level.

Why AvanTest?

  • AvanTest supports several client interfaces including Web, TTY, mobile (native or hybrid), and APIs.
  • Increases productivity thanks to its short learning curve.
  • Plugs in easily into a variety of configuration management tools.
  • Allows you to extend your Continuous Integration environment.
  • Simplifies functions used by other frameworks.
Manual Automated
2 environments 6 environments
280 test / cases 1800 test / cases + Defect verification + Explorative test
3 weeks 1 week
3 or more engineers 2 qualified engineers

Automation Strategy

Avantica’s test automation increases efficiency as it can be applied simultaneously in multiple environments and allows you to run test cases at the same time. This easy scalability provides better coverage from end to end, generating results for your analysis, allowing a wider lens, and increased agility for decision making.

When you look at the numbers, the decision is easy.

Your Quality is Our Priority

Our objective: to ensure the quality of your product by leveraging existing knowledge and reducing repetitive functional testing. This is what automation is all about. With AvanTest, we enhance software quality by providing:

  • A more efficient system, and consequently, better results
  • A reduction in the time needed to fix problems
  • More time to focus on new features

It also optimizes the lifecycle of your software development by:

  • Reducing repetitive tasks
  • Parallelism
  • Reducing regression testing

Tune In: Our QA Business Unit Manager on Test Automation

Avantica Quality Guarantee

Avantica specializes in software engineering services that are at the forefront of technological innovation.

Whether you’re a seasoned business in your market or an emerging company, we’ve got the technical know-how and the practical knowledge to deliver accurate and reliable testing. With over two decades in the market, we’ve established a track record of providing the best automated testing solutions for our clients.